Looking for a trusted and experienced US Tax Court Counsel? Not all CPAs are educated or trained in managing the tax court system and protecting taxpayers from potential legal issues. In fact, most aren’t. At Kwangho Lee CPA, we will help you maintain your business accounting as well as protect you in times of tax and legal challenges. We negotiate with the IRS on your behalf, and are knowledgeable in the latest tax laws and strategies. See below for some of the ways we help our clients in the field of tax law.  



Payment & Installment Agreements


Payment and installment agreements allow you to pay tax debts over time. However, these agreements do not pause interest and other penalties, and also may require you to waive certain appeals rights. Kwangho Lee CPA can help you determine if it is smart for you to enter into these agreements, or if there is another strategy that is better suited for you. 





IRS Negotiations and Offer in Compromise


Need advisement on your rights and negotiating with the IRS? Facing financial hardship?


We will thoroughly investigate your situation and advise on the best step forward. A well known IRS settlement program, Offer in Compromise (OIC), is one method for settling a tax liability for less than the full amount owed. The IRS can look at your income and assets, and make a determination of your reasonable collection potential. The requirements are complex, and we can help guide you through each step and determine qualification. 


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Abatement of Penalties & Interest


Let us do everything we can to help minimize any tax penalties. IRS penalties are known to be excessive, and the rules quite complex. Penalties can range from 1% to 100% of the underlying IRS tax debt, with some debts accruing over time. 


The IRS also frequently waits years before notifying taxpayers to take action. The delay results in a higher amount of penalty fees for you. We’ll help you reach the lowest interest and penalty amount we can with our expert knowledge of the legal and tax systems. 


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Tax Problem Resolution & US Tax Court Proceedings


Protect your personal and business assets with trusted experts. 


Innocent Spouse Relief


The law protects spouses from being fined twice if there is an error on a joint tax return. Innocent spouses generally have no knowledge of the error and should not have benefited from the situation. There are different types of innocent spouse relief with various requirements for each one. We will help determine if you quality for this protection.


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Collection Rights


Is the IRS currently seizing or garnishing your paychecks, bank accounts, or personal and/or business property? If so, you need to speak to a tax attorney right away. There are several ways to halt and/or reduce the IRS’ aggressive collections activities. Our team will help you in every way to reduce the amount the IRS takes from you, or pause activity. 


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Tax Court Litigation


Did the IRS act illegally or unreasonably in your personal or business situation? Are you in a situation that may need court involvement? Let us analyze your case and advise you on steps that will be most financially beneficial to you. 


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