Business Entity Formation


Our firm can guide you through the process of establishing your business structure.


Deciding what form of business entity is best for you will dictate your various tax and legal considerations. Among the most common entity options are corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships and LLC’s. We will help you determine the appropriate and most tax-efficient structure for your business, and implement the formalities in a timely manner.


We also provide a full range of start-up services to ease your business into operation. We’ll streamline the process of setting up your books, and give you advice on your rights and obligations when it comes to compensation of others involved in your business, bringing partners on board and tax filings.


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Tax Returns


Our firm can quickly and effectively take care of your business or individual tax returns.


We will ensure that you’re registered for all relevant taxes in all jurisdictions that apply to you, and help you understand your obligations so that you can make timely payments and avoid penalties.


We will also analyze your current business operations to determine whether you’re paying the appropriate taxes for the legal brackets you fall within, and advise of any adjustments that may benefit you. 


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Tax Planning


We take a proactive approach to taxes, as we believe it’s crucial that clients are as prepared as possible for due dates.


We will work with you to create a strategic taxation plan to match your individual or business needs in order to manage and minimize your future liabilities.


As taxation law continues to evolve, we track the changes to keep your business in line with requirements.


If the need arises, we can also implement tax compliance monitoring systems to help you avoid penalties. These factors contribute to creating a seamless experience when it comes to payment of income, employment and sales taxes.


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Financial Statements


We prepare and maintain the financial documents that are instrumental in keeping track of your business progress.


A comprehensive record of all financial activities (including a balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement) are not only crucial for understanding your business internally but we’ll also ensure your paperwork is ready in the event that you’re audited.


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Accounting System Setup & Training


Our services include preparing you to take care of your own accounting day-to-day. We will work with you to assess the many available record-keeping systems and select one that is right for your business.


Moving forward, we provide training and ongoing support to ensure you’re suitably positioned to keep track of your finances.


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Bookkeeping & Controllership


Our firm can take the reins on your bookkeeping and record maintenance, enabling you to focus on curating your business. We work with our clients to implement an individually tailored system that removes the day-to-day hassle of managing accounting records.


Comprehensive bookkeeping will include upkeep of monthly and quarterly reports, bank reconciliation and maintaining a clean general ledger.


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IFTA & Highway Tax


Our firm has sound expertise in guiding clients in the transportation industry through the tax filing process.


For trucks and trailers over 10,000 pounds, it is necessary to obtain a US Department of Transportation (DOT) number, an Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) number, as well as an International Registration Plan (IRP) plate from your home state.


To operate these vehicles, International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and Heavy Highway Vehicle Use taxes must also be filed and paid.


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Business Licenses


We can help you obtain any required business licenses, expediting the path to commencing operation.


We commonly secure our clients Liquor Licenses, Health Permits, Stoop Line Stand Licenses, Lotto Licenses, and Nail and Hair Salon Licenses.


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Business Plans & Projections


We work with our clients to set clear business goals based on practical and financial factors, in order to maximize productivity and detect inherent risks that may be avoided.


We will also guide you through the process of formally projecting where your business will stand in the future and how soon it will be profitable. This is a vital tool for ensuring appropriate business strategy is in place, and for attracting prospective investors.


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Business Services

We help you increase profits and minimize taxes for your business. 





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